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Loom Couples Journal

Loom Couples Journal


Powder Blue
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Cover Material: Linen Spine with Leatherette Cover 

No matter how long you've been together, this weekly journal will open up conversations that will strengthen, heal, and enliven your relationship. The 52 weeks of prompts and tips inside are thoughtfully curated using leading methodology to help you build a more fulfilling relationship as you both write in it just once a week. A small investment to make for a happier marriage!

What's to Love: 

• Couples therapy in a journal 

• Answer just three questions each, once a week, for a more connected relationship 

• Write at the same time, or pass the journal back and forth 

• One year's worth of research-backed prompts, connection tips, and relationship quotes  

• Ideal for any couple in a committed relationship 

• Makes a beautiful wedding, anniversary, or Valentine's Day gift 

Examples of prompts in the Loom Couples Journal: 

-One of the best gifts you've ever given me and why I loved it:

-A time in our relationship I wish we could relive:

-One thing you can do to support me in my goals and dreams:

-My favorite purchase we've made together and why it was a worthwhile investment:

-One of my favorite dates we've been on and why I loved it:

There are also weekly connection tips that will give you ideas for dates and other simple ways to feel more connection in your relationship.