The Brushies

Chomps & Willa Travel Pack

Chomps & Willa Travel Pack


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If you go on holidays, The Brushies can come too!

Looking for a finger toothbrush on the go? Our ALL NEW travel-sized two-pack features a mini copy of The Brushies Book as well as two finger toothbrush characters to make brushing fun. Perfect for taking your favourite Brushies away with you.

The Brushies Book brings all of the Brushies to life! It has tips for brushing and will inspire your little one to keep fighting those pesky sugar bugs. Brushing with Chomps the Dino & Willa the Whale is a blast! Chomps is king of the land and thinks brushing is grand. Willa swims in the sea and cleans teeth with glee. Smile big!

Wondering how big the mini travel-sized book is compared to the regular Brushies book? The image of three books gives you the perspective. Perfect for slipping in your overnight bag!